Offerings & Services

Data Insights mapping – We engage with our clients to understand and map their current process, what systems are in place and their data ecosystem.

Business Intelligence – BI Maturity Assessment, creating a BI Roadmap, identifying areas of BI Maturity advancement, enabling BI Transition, assisting in the adoption of Business statement focused technology/tools. All while following Industry Best Practices.

Artificial Intelligence – Creating a customer specific Chat-bot and training it on Industry and customer specific questions. Leveraging a bot to gather customer and product information across multiple sites. Using AI to identify products.

Automation – Manual process automation with robotic process automation.

Data Governance – Assess current state. Setup a data governance framework. Setup a Master Data Management platform to manage reference data.

Transition to Cloud – Conduct an assessment of the client’s current data needs, infrastructure and offer multiple customized cloud options.

Digital Marketing – Conduct an assessment of the client’s current marketing strategy. Help them build out their future marketing strategy with clearly defined goals. Setup and refine their social media presence. Setup marketing campaigns and build dashboards to monitor campaign effectiveness. Website SEO assessment and optimization.

Data Insights Training for Executives– A customized data awareness training for company executives to enlighten them on the advantages of investing in a robust data ecosystem.

Data Systems Support – Post implementation support for any AI or BI systems.